Docker manifest unknown error



Hello, I’m experiencing a strange error when pulling a Docker image that is specified by using the SHA256 digest identifier.

For example:

docker pull cbcrg/lncrna_annotation@sha256:cc219503977b804b6bf91e1dbe706e797fb9d3020e4318b571394373bd71d930

I get this error in the docker environment provided by Circle

  Unable to find image 'cbcrg/lncrna_annotation@sha256:cc219503977b804b6bf91e1dbe706e797fb9d3020e4318b571394373bd71d930' locally
  docker: Error response from daemon: manifest unknown: manifest unknown.
  See 'docker run --help'.

I’ve also tried to use Docker version 1.10.0 but it returns the same issue. Do you have any clue why is happening that? Is there any workaround ?



Does this work locally, if so what version of Docker are you using locally?


It turned out that was a wrong sha256 image ID that produced the error.