Docker images changed?

I think something changed in the docker images.
My master branch worked a few days ago and doesn’t work today. (same git ref)

“Your Ruby version is 2.5.3, but your Gemfile specified 2.5.1”
Is anyone else seeing this?

I think the selenum drivers were also updated. When I updated my version all my selenum tests failed.

Have a look at the spin-up step to see the sha256 hash of the build that last worked. If this is different to the first failure, then you may be right. You can lock your image to that long hash (e.g. I have docker@sha256:5e74b427a55b7e257c7f9ebba1f7765fe13ea4535debec33a9ea08a69296b2bd) and see if that gets you going again.

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