Docker Convenience Image Updates: November 2019

October’s Changes:


  • PostgreSQL - Proj, a dependency of PostGIS, is now compiled during image creation and locked to v4.9.3. (ref)


  • all - The -node variants have been updated from Node.js v10 to Node.js v12. (ref) (ref)
  • PostgreSQL - PostgreSQL v12 images have been enabled. (ref)
  • PostgreSQL - PostGIS has been upgraded to v2.5.3 for PostgreSQL v9-11. PostGIS v3 is being used for PostgreSQL v12. (ref)
  • Android - updated the sdk-tools platform. (ref)
  • Go - gotestsum was updated to v0.4.0. (ref)

The Future Of Convenience Images

We think a lot about our Docker Convenience Images and how we can make them the most useful for users. This year we’ve started working on the next generation (Next-Gen) Convenience Images. many of which have now reached public beta. Get a head start on seeing how these images work for you and your projects here.

If you have any questions, please let us know here.