Docker-compose setup: messed up volumes

Here’s the situation:

I have a docker-compose-based project, and 2 workflows in CI, mostly for testing. One workflow for PHP (using circleci/php docker image) and one for NodeJS (using circleci/node docker image).
I wonder whether the circleci images are useful or not, but all I need is docker & docker-compose, because tests should be executed with a docker-compose exec {...} call.

Building the images works well, starting them works too, but the volumes are not set.

The project is open-source so anyone can check it out just in case.

The PHP build doesn’t work because when I look inside the container (via docker-compose exec php ls -lah), the project directory contains only 2 things: the var/ directory and the package.json file. But it should contain the whole project.

Any idea on why the volume is not mounted with all files?

Yep, this question comes up about once a fortnight :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

… I got caught out by this bug too at some point!

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So, this basically means that I should change the way I work with compose on CircleCI?

With what I see on this linked issue is that I should build the image with all the source code inside it (with COPY dockerfile rules) and run it?

That is one solution, yes. Since you are doing Docker builds, you don’t need the (larger) CircleCI convenience image - just use a Docker image instead.

I’ve tested using the image directly, but first it doesn’t allow me to use the Makefile I provide for dev & ci because it’s docker-compose based, and second I have permission issues because it seems I can’t share the composer/npm cache to make my builds faster :frowning:

:frowning_face: in sympathy.

@Pierstoval Have you tried running this is the machine executor rather than the docker executor?

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