Docker 1.10 support?

I know that there is an option to use different, older Docker versions (via How use a different Docker version?), but what with the upcoming 1.10? There is already a RC available and it would be great to have an option to use it :slightly_smiling:

My use case requires testing with different Docker versions, especially with the 1.10 due to the changes Docker made internally to store images.

Any ETA for a 1.10 build?


Am interested in this as well.

+1 to this. I’d love an ETA.

My implementation uses Docker-Compose’s networking functionality which, in 1.6.0, requires Docker Engine 1.10. I have also had a number of issues developing efficient build processes on the LXC driver.

To be fair I think they just released 1.10 yesterday but +1 none the less :slight_smile:

Sorry for being silent on this topic for a quite long period!

We are now working on making libcontainer driver to work on our environment (unprivileged LXC container). When we are done, we should be able to use Docker 1.10 on CircleCI.

I’m optimistic that we can have something working for you by the next week and will update this thread.

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That is excellent news! Thank you for keeping us up to date and for the quick turnaround on 1.10!

Still beta but you can try Docker 1.10.0 now Docker 1.10.0 is available (Beta)

Awesome news, let me try it right now!