Disable auto GitHub webhook creation

I’m working on the integration of circleci with github in my company, and I’ve already come to the conclusion that we use complicated triggers in to run pipelines, so we can’t use the automatically-created webhook from github to circleci.
The problem is, that it’s being created every time we open a new repository, and runs the pipeline on every push to the repo. Is there an option to disable it somehow?
I’ve already thought about the idea of running a cloud job every X and remove the repo’s hooks based on regex, but I thought maybe I should try my luck here first.


Hi @eladtopia ,

You can disable the webhooks for specific events on the webhooks setting page for your project.


After clicking on https://circleci.com/hooks/github, you can see the different checkboxes for which events trigger a webhook payload to be sent to CircleCI.

Let me know if this helps, or if you have additional questions.

Best Regards

Hello @aaronclark , thank you for replying!
I wanted to know actually if there is a global option to disable the automatic creation of this webhooks, instead of manually disable them one by one.