Deployment to app engine stuck at DONE, the build never stops

Finished Step #1
The push refers to repository []
e682ea828da5: Preparing
7d3f800088dd: Preparing
7cc311798c8f: Preparing
c2515605b65f: Preparing
1e15ba3142d6: Preparing
811c6e57da0f: Preparing
cac3168641d8: Preparing
eb28489e19f9: Preparing
83b4c8d92630: Preparing
84ff92691f90: Preparing
8c468b8e19fa: Preparing
b056439591da: Preparing
811c6e57da0f: Waiting
cac3168641d8: Waiting
eb28489e19f9: Waiting
83b4c8d92630: Waiting
84ff92691f90: Waiting
8c468b8e19fa: Waiting
b056439591da: Waiting
1e15ba3142d6: Layer already exists
7cc311798c8f: Layer already exists
c2515605b65f: Layer already exists
811c6e57da0f: Layer already exists
eb28489e19f9: Layer already exists
cac3168641d8: Layer already exists
83b4c8d92630: Layer already exists
8c468b8e19fa: Layer already exists
84ff92691f90: Layer already exists
b056439591da: Layer already exists
7d3f800088dd: Pushed
e682ea828da5: Pushed
latest: digest: sha256:faf3385f9152182e1626cf2dc44b7a5443f801887ffab7e4d6fcbd67b5c62687 size: 2833

does anyone face same problem with me ?
after “DONE”, the build should continue to set the new version as default, but it doesn’t and just stuck here
has anyone face some problem with me ?

can somebody help me about this ?

Thanks !

this is the .yml

- master # list of branches to build
- /feature-.*/ # or regexes

version: 2
- image: amalheiros/node-gcloud
working_directory: ~/repo
- checkout
- run: ‘gcloud auth activate-service-account --key-file gcloud-api-key.json’
- run: ‘gcloud config set project $GCLOUD_PROJECT’
- run: ‘gcloud -q app deploy app.yaml’

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