Deploying to AWS ECR/ECS tutorial doesn't work

I have followed exactly same for this link Deploying to AWS ECR/ECS

I set environment variables correctly, but I am getting this error always

# Error calling workflow: 'build-and-deploy'
# Error calling job: 'aws-ecr/build_and_push_image'
# Type error for argument region: expected type: env_var_name, actual value: \"${AWS_DEFAULT_REGION}\" (type string)
# Type error for argument account-url: expected type: env_var_name, actual value: \"${AWS_ACCOUNT_ID}.dkr.ecr.${AWS_DEFAULT_REGION}\" (type string)
# -------

I don’t know how to solve this as I followed guide exactly.


Hi @whitesnow9291 it looks like the aws-ecr orb version specified in the tutorial was mistakenly updated to 4.0.1 recently. Can you change your config to use version 0.0.2 instead or else adapt it to version 4.0.1? We will also address the mistake in the tutorial.

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