AWS ECR Integration



You might want to mention in

You might want to mention in that before integrating with ECR people need to upgrade the aws cli because the version that’s on the machines by default doesn’t include the ecr commands. What worked for me is:

    - sudo pip install --upgrade awscli
    - sudo service docker start
    - eval `aws ecr get-login`


Thanks for posting this! @kimh can we update the awscli in the next image release?


Might want to change the blogpost:

Amazon ECR is even easier to set up. Once you’ve created your Docker repository on AWS, simply log in with

aws ecr get-login

To include the eval mentioned above too…


Seems to fixed in the latest image.


Thanks @DallanQ! I was facing a similar error caused by an old version of aws-cli. In my case was an unsupported option on “aws ecs”. :grin: