Deploying to a server for open source projects


Hey! I’m not using circle CI just yet, but would like to. I just have one question about deployments.

On Travis CI, if you are using the open source plan, it will not let you add ssh keys and setup deploys. I was wondering if there is the same restrictions here as well? Who has access to see/modify the SSH key? Also, is it possible to push via git to a remote dokku server?




We do not have that restriction. You can do deployments with an open-source project. Whoever has write-access to the project on GitHub has access to it on CircleCI, including SSH keys.

Personally I’m not 100% sure about the remote dokku server however via your circle.yml file you can run straight Bash commands (or run a script) so I don’t see why not.


As long as I can use git to push to a remote (using the custom SSH key), I should be able to push to my dokku server.



You can certainly do this, check out this blog post I wrote for how to do this with Jekyll. Same exact idea (adding a SSH key and deploying to an arbitrary server)

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