Delete context

I created a context as outlined here:
but with no name. I then attempted to delete it but I am unable to do so. My devtools console returns the following error.

Uncaught (in promise) Error: GraphQL error: Non-nullable field was null.

GraphQL error: Context not found.
at new t (frontend-production-92d2c6bf57b05c14a29de803b5cfef08.js:8912)
at (frontend-production-92d2c6bf57b05c14a29de803b5cfef08.js:8912)
at (frontend-production-92d2c6bf57b05c14a29de803b5cfef08.js:8949)
at frontend-production-92d2c6bf57b05c14a29de803b5cfef08.js:8912

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Thank you so much for reporting this issue. I have added a bug to get this resolved.