Data not being persisted during test

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I’ve a couple of integration tests that update data and returns it, but those tests fails on circleci, they always return the old values. Is that on purpose? I mean, like circle doesn’t allow you to persist data during test?


  it('Member should be able to update a site', async function () {
    let gid = toGlobalId(,;
    let newUrl = 'https://newmember.url';

    const result = await graphql(schema, updateMutation({siteId: gid, url: newUrl}), {}, {user: member});
    const {updateSite} =;


This one will fail on circleci, will have the old value.

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I found the issue, the bug is coming from my code

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Thank you for following up @AlexGaspar!

We’re glad you worked it out, please let us know if you have any questions!