Custom chrome extension doesn't get loaded via testcafe automation test case

I can able to launch chrome with my custom extension in my local machine but same testcases are getting failed to call chrome extension from automation test case in the CircleCI (as chrome extension doesn’t get loaded)

testcafe “chrome --load-extension=path/to/extension” test.js

The chrome is not loaded that extension before running automation test case. However I can run it in locally.


Is it not possible to launch Chorme with custom extension in Circle CI ?

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Hello. I’ve haven’t used testcafe before, but you may find helpful. This will allow you to watch the browser load and may reveal a popup box or a permission message that is blocking things.

By default, TestCafe runs the Google Chrome browser with a clean profile (without any extensions, cookies, etc.). As a workaround, you can set up the Google Chrome profile on your local machine, copy it to the CircleCI machine and specify the :userProfile suffix for the TestCafe's browser parameter.

For more details, see the User Profiles help topic.

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Thanks for Reply.

There was my mistake. I was passing wrong argument while running command. I have updated on .yml file and afterward it was getting loaded and it is working perfectly now.

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