Chrome driver fails to download (404)

I’m trying to install google chrome driver as part of a build step and it’s failing every time because is returning a 404.

I’m using the circleci org CircleCI Developer Hub - circleci/browser-tools to install the driver. I’ve verified that this URL (and similar URLs with legacy version numbers) is working from a Montana coffee shop.

Just noticed this error. It is similar to previous topics. I’m wondering if anyone else has had this problem and has got a workaround, or even a clue to what’s going on (e.g. is it a known issue at google, or an issue with CircleCI networking or…).

There’s a workaround on the github issue for the orb, #75. I’d link to it but my account is too new :stuck_out_tongue:


`install-chromedriver` is broken for Chrome >= 115 which is stable and latest release today · Issue #75 · CircleCI-Public/browser-tools-orb · GitHub this one. Attempting now.

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I did see the workaround you mentioned, however, I don’t see how to apply it using the Cypress orb.

In this basic example, for instance:

# Use the latest 2.1 version of CircleCI pipeline process engine.
# See:
version: 2.1
  cypress: cypress-io/cypress@3

# Invoke jobs via workflows
# See:
      - cypress/run:
          cypress-command: npx cypress run --browser chrome
          install-browsers: true
          start-command: "npm run dev"

How can I use the workaround?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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