Cucumber unable to find field

I have a suite of Cucumber tests that pass on my local machine, but some of the steps randomly receive the error “Unable to find field “user_email” (Capybara::ElementNotFound).” This same step fails on some scenarios and passes in other scenarios, seemingly at random. But again, these scenarios pass on my machine.

Any ideas?

Which driver are you using?

I’m getting something similar when using Poltergeist/PhantomJS - random failures, when they were all working find last week.

I’m using Selenium (latest at this time) with whatever Firefox is installed on the CircleCI box.

Having similar problems with rspec running chromedriver.

Having the same issue…

Have any of you found a solution? I’ve been having the same issue. A couple of my cucumber tests pass locally and on travis but fail intermittently on cci.