CircleCI is showing "Index of file:///home/ubuntu/..."



Hi there,

My build is failing intermittently. I’m using:

  • Ruby v2.3.1
  • Rails v5.0.0.1
  • PostgreSQL v9.5.4
  • gem “rspec-rails” v3.5.2
  • gem “capybara” v2.10.1

The error I’m getting is:

Capybara::ElementNotFound: Unable to find field :user_email

As mentioned before, it passes sometimes, it’s intermittent.
Also, all tests pass 100% of the times when I run it locally.

In order to find out what was happening, I added a code to the test to print the page.body (method from Capybara). This is what the HTML looks like:

It looks like some issue in CircleCI. Does anyone know how to get it working?

Thank you!