Create AVD in the background

Using the “android/create-avd” step takes about 30 seconds. Although it is mandatory for our scenarios, it is a blocking step. Is there an option to run this in the background, while installing other needed tools on the machine? This can save time (and money).

Hi @Nisim761,

You could add the background: true attribute to the step (Configuring CircleCI - CircleCI)

I tried it. It failed. How can I fix it?

Oh sorry, @Nisim761. I didn’t realize it was an orb command (my bad).

So indeed, the background attribute is taken as a parameter of that orb command, hence the error you’re getting.

I recommend opening an issue in the orb’s repository.

Thank you @yannCI , I will open an issue in the orb’s repository.

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Hi @yannCI, I understood this was implemented, but I do not how to actually run the Create AVD in the background. Can you please help?