Coveralls with CircleCI 2.0

I run my tests with coverage. I am using python-coverage.
I am trying to use coveralls so that I can have my coverage info in However, I cannot seem to get it working.

In my .circleci/config.yml, I have:

  - &run_my_tests
    name: run_my_tests
    command: |
       source activate py2
       python -c -v2 -H

my ‘’ runs:

nosetests --with-cover --cover-html --cover-package <pkg dir>

and after ‘python’ step above, I have
‘cover’ directory and .coverage which are the coverage info.

I have COVERALLS_REPO_TOKEN set for my project in circleCI.

when ‘coveralls’ is run, I am seeing this in my CircleCI log:

INFO:coveralls:{"message":"Job ##1.6","url":""}

but I am not seeing any coverage info being submitted when I go to for my project.
If anyone has got ‘coveralls’ to work with CircleCI 2.0, I would appreciate any advice.

I have also been unable to see my updated coverage on coveralls after running on circleci. I hope that someone will be able to shed light on this.

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