Code coverage using Coveralls for parallel builds

I am trying to integrate coveralls in our python builds. I have the following set up:

  1. Working coverage report generation
  2. Working repo token for coveralls
  3. Parallel builds in circleci

Now, in my circle.yml, I have the following:

    - coveralls

Where, coveralls is a command obtained from the coveralls-python library. Now when the coveralls command is executed post the tests, I can see the following output:

Submitting coverage to
Coverage submitted!
Job #19.1 

But, I do not see any coverage report in my Coveralls account. However, if I manually ssh into one of the build machines, and run this command manually, I get a similar output as above, but only this time, I can see coverage reports in my Coveralls account.

I have also set COVERALLS_PARALLEL: 'True' and put the following in coveralls.yml as stated in the documentation here:

    - url: repo token)

Is there something that I am missing?


I’m stuck here as well. However, there is obviously an error in your notification webhook: The phrase (your repo token) should actually be replaced by the repo token. I guess, you set it up via CircleCI’s webUI as an “encrypted”/hidden environment variable.

I’ve tried using it in that notification URL, but without luck:


Thus, my question to the folks at CircleCI: How is it possible to reuse the environment variables there?

I’m in need of a solution to this problem as well.