Could not locate Gemfile or .bundle/ directory Action failed: bundle

Trying to bundle, create artifact, from my Github repository. I’m getting this Gemfile exception, ‘Could not locate Gemfile or .bundle/ directory Action failed: bundle’. I’m not using ruby or anything like that, just trying to create an bundle of various files. Eventually, this bundle is uploaded into a Web application.

I have the following lines in my circle.yml file:

build_dir: com.theme.ext

- “com.theme.default/META-INF”

I even tried to add the following, but still got the same exception:


  • gem install bundler --pre

While I’m on the subject, can I change the folder structure inside of my bundle? So, for instance, my Github folder structure is ‘resources/default/…’ and I would like it to be ‘theme/default/…’ inside of the bundle.


Could you please give us the screenshot of how the failing build step looks in the UI? I would like to understand if the step is run via inference—in this case you should be able to override it and stop the issue from occurring.

I’m seeing the same thing as of today. It started after I changed my circle.yml, though the change I made was benign.

Still seeing this issue.

Is there a different way I can bundle an archive file?

Could you please SSH into the build and see if running the bundle command manually results in the same behaviour? Which arguments are you passing to bundle locally for it to perform the operation you need? What is the version of bundler you are using?