Config file confusion

Hi all,

So this may be a really stupid question but I’ve searched and can’t find an answer. We have repos that use GitFlow for it’s branching strategy. Currently I have my .circleci folder on the develop branch but what is the correct place for it? I’m a bit confused as my config file triggers workflows based on master, develop and feature branches so I’m not sure if I should have one config file in master or whether a config should be on each branch but just with the relevant workflow for the branch…



Hi @glance,

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You will need to have a config.yml file located inside a .circleci directory in each branch. You can use Branch Filtering to run different workflows based on which branch the build was triggered from. You may also choose to use Branch filtering For Job Steps based on your needs.

We use git-flow “lite” but the main thing to understand is that it will use the config.yml file version that is committed into whatever branch is building. This is powerful because you can then prototype a new build strategy in a branch and no other builds will be affected by it until it merges back to develop and propagates to other branches.