Communication between two workflows in different projects

In my project I have created two workflows each belongs to a different project. I want one of the jobs in my first workflow to trigger a job of second workflow an wait. Only upon successful completion or failure of job in second workflow should my first workflow proceed further with success or failure.
Is there a way in CirlceCI for one workflows associated with one project to wait for other workflow (associated with other project) to complete execution, before it resumes again.

There is no real first class way to do this, but you could accomplish something using the new workflows API. The challenge is that it only allows you to trigger builds, not necessarily check for the completion status (yet).

It would require a bit of custom scripting in order to make this work the way you described it.

Hi, im also having the same scenario, where in we need to trigger a workflow in second project wait for the successful completion, get the artifacts generated and then proceed with the first workflow in first project. Could someone please share possible solution?