Collect Test metadata failure - disable?

Hi guys,

I got a failure when running circle ci : “Action failed: Collect test metadata”. You can see this error here

I know that I should not do the bootstrapping of the application in the testing task, but I would like to understand why it is failing and if there is a way to disable this feature ?



I think the Test Metadata step is a red herring here. At the top of your build you can see “Your build has exceeded the memory limit of 4G on 1 container. The results of this build are likely invalid. We have taken a snapshot of the memory usage at the time, which you can find in a build artifact named memory-usage.txt. The RSS column in this file shows the amount of memory used by each process, measured in kilobytes.”. So naturally Circle fails when it tries to upload test metadata, since the container is out of memory.

We have some docs about debugging this here:

Hope that helps!