CocoaPods is installed but broken

Building flutter app for iOS fails with the error “CocoaPods is installed but broken. Skipping pod install.” The build was working fine till a few days ago and started failing without any changes being made to the build configuration. I added steps to update cocoapods but it did not help.

[Are you using shell or bash as this pass report indicates that shell (sh) could cause issues

I did not find a way to specify if it should use shell or bash. I guess the build uses whatever is default. Is there a way to specify that it should use bash for running commands?

If you not switching shells in your config.yml then the default should be bash, which in turn means that the post I referenced is not relevant.

As for changing shells and the default setting you can find the details here

As for the issue, I’m not sure I can be much help. The following report over at the CocoaPods github may provide some leads to follow.

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I appreciate your help. I will check the links you shared and see if I can find something. Thank you.