Circle CI uses CocoaPods 1.0 instead of 0.39

As I understand it, Circle CI is supposed to be using CocoaPods 0.39 as the default.
However, it keeps using 1.0 instead. This fails my build because my Podfile is not compatible with 1.0
I have 8 builds failed in a row. I try rebuilding without cache, but that also fails.
I tried adding Gemfile as specified in this article entitled “Choosing the right version of Cocoapods in your project”, but it still fails.

On a side note, I tried to add the link to that article and got an error where it told me new users can only have 2 links in their posts. Seems like a counting problem, as I only had 1 link. Sigh.

Any ideas?

Just got a reply from support. They’ve updated officially to 1.0.1, as of 2 days ago. Looks like I need to get in the habit of checking their announcements…