Cocapods downloads timing out

(This is a different issue than my last post).

Within the last 24 hours, pod install times out while doing git clone from GitHub. GitHub Status is normal according to

This causes Xcode/iOS builds to fail. Is this a known issue? Is there a workaround?

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same here!

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Let me check in with the team and see if we any known issues around this.

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We modified our Podfile to use the new cocoapods CDN per

That did not seem to resolve the problem initially; however, pod install is running very quickly now. I don’t know if the problem was transient or if our Podfile modification was the fix.

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It looks like there may have been an issue with the latest cocoapods version. We’re on it! I’ll post again with an update once we know more :slight_smile:

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We’re looking into this a bit more. If you have not already, could you possibly create a support ticket to with a link to the builds that were running slow?

This would allow us to check our logs to see where those particular builds ran and any potential issues.


Well, I did create a support ticket, then sent a message asking to close it since thekatertot was on the case. I’ll send another message asking them to not close it.

Request #75355

I realize I have complicated this by modifying my Podfile to support the new Cocoapods CDN, but I’m happy to help with diagnostics.

There appears to be another wrinkle. I don’t know if it’s related. After changing Podfile to support the cocoapods CDN, I get two different behaviors.

  1. Running on my laptop, bundle exec pod install does not update Podfile.lock, which is expected. Pods are already installed locally and the pod repo us up to date.

  2. Running in circleci, bundle exec pod install makes one change to Podfile.lock. The diff is below:

The version of cocoapods is locked to 1.9.1 in Gemfile.lock, so the version running locally and in circileci is the same. I don’t think this is a circleci issue, but it hints that Cocoapods is doing some shady stuff.

+ git --no-pager diff
diff --git a/Podfile.lock b/Podfile.lock
index 5a433f8..ea702a3 100644
--- a/Podfile.lock
+++ b/Podfile.lock
@@ -405,7 +405,7 @@ SPEC REPOS:
     - SwaNativeAPI
     - SwaTIGeneral
     - SwaTIRemoteAppConfig
+  trunk:
     - abseil
     - Alamofire
     - AlamofireImage

Thank you for opening that support ticket. We very much appreciate it.

Based on our other tickets, I’m not sure that is related. I believe it could have to do with this

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Thanks a bunch for pointing me to that. I’m tracking that down now. I think my team probably has that and several related cocoapods issues which are muddying the waters.

This is definitely a customer issue and not a CCI issue. Having that link here in the forums is a good, though. I imagine others will run across it.

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