CircleCI timing out when installing CocoaPods for React Native Project

Trying to push out an iOS release to Testflight. We’ve been doing this for months and everything has worked great until we’ve upgraded to React Native 0.63.3.

Now when we try to build our IPA file, CircleCI times out when trying to fetch CocoaPods. In our config.yml file, we are hitting this URL:

  - run:
      name: Install CocoaPods
      command: |
        curl | bash -s cf
        cd ios && pod install

however this cocoapods S3 URL seems to be out of date and CircleCI is recommending we put the source' at the top of our podfile. However, CircleCI doesnt seem to pick that up even when we push a new build OR we remove the code above from our config.yml file. Also replacing the old specs S3 URL with the CDN url fails as well.

My question is how do I get CircleCI to see the source' in our podfile OR what is the correct URL I can put in our config.yml file that wont timeout?

Thank you in advance!

Thanks for joining @apl88, and I’m taking a look here…

Can you post the exact error message you’re seeing? I manually, from my mac, did the following command which is found in the file referenced above and it downloaded fine

aws s3 --no-sign-request cp "s3://cocoapods-specs/latest.tar.gz" "~/Downloads/" > /dev/null

@jerdog Apologies for not circling back here but I am no longer getting an error. I had just kept getting a 10min timeout trying to fetch the cocoapods repo. Maybe there was some unrelated network latency happening? Not sure.

However while you’re here - is what I have in my circle.yml file above correct? I thought I read while I was digging that the URL has been deprecated and the optimal strategy is to use the source' in my PodFile. However I am unsure the how CircleCI sees that line of code in my podfile from my circle.yml file. I am def missing something or confusing something here