Cloud hosting for setup_remote_docker and machine builds


I started using the setup_remote_docker and machine builds to be able to use docker-compose and was surprised to find out that these builds are hosted on GoogleCloud instead of AWS (which seems the norm for all other builds we used so far). Is this something we can control? We unfortunately have issues with GoogleCloud because some other systems we connect to are only accessible within AWS.



Unfortunately, this is something which cannot be controlled. Please let me know the use case for this or what are the problems you are facing when using Google Cloud.

Pawan Bahuguna

Hey thx for your answer. Well it’s in the initial message: we have resources in AWS that we want to access from the build but for security reasons they are only accessible from within AWS, and there is no way this is going to change any time soon (for security reasons totally out of my control). We never faced this issue with “normal” builds, but for docker builds this has become an issue because it runs on GoogleCloud.


Thanks for the update, but as of now remote docker is configured to use GCP.