Pricing when using setup_remote_docker



I wanted to know how pricing works with setup_remote_docker. If I have a paid plan with 2 containers, and I have setup_remote_docker in my circle.yml, then circle will spin up a remote environment to run docker/docker-compose related commands. Does that remote environment/container count against my quota ? e.g. If I have 2 containers plan, then when I trigger a build, will the remote environment be my second container? Or will I be able to concurrently trigger a second build?



I don’t know the answer to this, as I’m on the free tier, but I’d be surprised if the remote build environment was counted as a second container. I’d count that as a “real” build container, with another slot being available for parallelism if you need it.


setup_remote_docker doesn’t count against your plan, It’s overlap of the container the build is running in, and could be thought of as working similar to a Docker service image.

You only get billed for the containers directly listed on the build page. Good thing to check on! :slight_smile:


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