CircleCI to TestFlight issue



I followed the above article to upload my build from CircleCI to TestFlight.

I was able to upload the build from CircleCI to Testflight. The problem is I am getting an error “Missing Beta Entitlement” in front of my build. I googled and found that I have to include “beta-reports-active” key in my provision profile and entitlement file.

  1. I added “beta-reports-active” in my entitlement file only and then I tried again. I got this error “Your provisioning profile is missing beta-reports-active”.

  2. Then I manually edited provision file and added “beta-reports-active”. Then I tried again and I got error “Unable to parse provision profile”.

  3. Then I replaced my provision profile (which was adhoc) with App Store provision profile. Then I tried again and got this error “Code Signing is required”.



    GYM_CODE_SIGNING_IDENTITY: "My Code signing identity"

    version: "8.0"

    branch: master
      - gym
      - ipa distribute:itunesconnect -i 21321478 --upload --verbose

Please help me on this. How should I prevent “Missing Beta Entitlement”. It is working fine from local environment using fastlane.


I was able to solve it by using use_legacy_build_api flag.

Instead of using only - gym I used
- gym --scheme "MyScheme" --workspace "my.xcworkspace" --export_method app-store --use_legacy_build_api false