CircleCI new UI/UX Review

Thanks @jim in that case I’m afraid I have some bad news and then some good news.

The bad news is that our container-based payment plan is legacy, and has not been offered through our platform for awhile. There are still users on it through grandfathered-in plans but less and less as time goes on. Thus, we did not build views to optimize for that in the new UI.

The good news is that if you switch to our Performance plan, you have unlimited containers! You will then no longer have the queuing issues you are experiencing right now, all builds will run simultaneously.

You can switch to the Performance Plan by clicking the Plans button on the left-hand navigation in the new UI.

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We would like to see the view like 1.png:

but instead we see 2.png

This is worst with failed builds because we try to scroll to get some kind of overview of the system but hit several failed pipelines that we have to manually collapse. This is made worst by the need to often reload the page to get the status fields reporting correctly and then go through the collapse pipeline procedure again.

The is no way to list all workflows

There is no way to only list pipelines for a particular branch e.g. I am interested in all deployments at their various stages on the master branch so that I can get an overview of the state of our whole system and determine what services and apps need to be promoted

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A “compact” view adjusting all the spacing etc to the minimum would also be great!

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How do I simply see all Running pipelines? We have one team member and every time they commit it says “Blocked” with zero information about why and how I can fix it.


Finally I was able to sign in to give feedback, before it was asking me for a password I don’t have because I created the account years ago through GitHub.

Trying to filter by branch in a project with hundreds of branches freezes the browser. We have dozens of builds running at the same time and without this feature (which you made much much harder to use than before, now requiring multiple clicks) it is very hard to see what is going on.


When you rerun a single job of a workflow there seems to be no way to find it in the UI and there is also no history of what jobs ran in what order.

How can we get the Jobs view back?
It is very important to see if a job was executed again. We push from CI and need traceability of who did what and in which order.

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Hi @_joe! We recently made changes to this site to the make the login process easier to avoid what you’re talking about–I’m glad you were able to sign in.

You might want to start with this support article on viewing all jobs in a project. Regarding the browser freezing, which browser are you using?

@hcNick Thank you for your feedback. We currently do not have the ability to filter on status, but we are always making changes and will add this use case to our list of requests. Typically a running build would naturally be at the top, but I can see from your screenshot that these jobs have been running for a long time. You can filter on a project and branch. If all of your team members running builds are in a single project you might be able to use the branch filtering to get to what you are looking for.

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Huge deal for us. Nearly impossible to see when we rerun a job which is very common. Can we please have a “Jobs” view just like we used to have that just shows the currently running jobs for a project filtered by branch? That would have solved this. And yes, I know there is a “Legacy Jobs View” but there is no way to navigate to that from the UI. I have to bookmark every one. Additionally I cannot cancel a job from the Legacy Jobs View or any of the jobs within it. That’s a primary use case for us.

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I just noticed tspoonts comment ‘You can filter on a project and branch’ and I was briefly happy :slight_smile: Unfortunately this is only within a single project :frowning: We need the ability to filter on branches across multiple projects The new UI just doesn’t support working across multiple projects very well.

@chris_barton can you tell me about your use case for filtering for branches across multiple projects. For example, to see the state of the default branch (e.g. master) so that I can understand if everything is in good shape. It’s helpful to understand what problem you are trying to solve so that we can match it up with others who have similar needs.

Thank you for your additional feedback,

Tricia Spoonts
Product Design Manager @ CircleCI

Sure Tricia. For example: We are working toward a milestone release or an end of sprint demo and we have updates to Android and iOS apps, a website and several services. We need to see the workflow status of all these projects involved in the release i.e. which projects have been released to which environments so we know if we have a valid release ready in the UAT environment. We build artifacts from a release branch (master for us) in each of several repositories and track these artifacts through environments using CircleCI workflows. We need a way to see the status of all artifacts being released in one view. Does that make sense?

Thanks for the Pipeline “Auto-expand” setting, very helpful :slight_smile:

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What would be amazing is:

  • ability to define that a workflow can be manually triggered (just like i can with github actions), but not only manually triggered but i get prompted to type in parameters (just like i can with github actions). No the re-run with SSH is not enough and actually not at all helpful in most cases, because by the time i’ve actually landed in the ssh session the situation has been polluted by subsequent steps. which leads me to …

  • when I re-run with ssh, give me the option to pause all steps until i run in the ssh terminal, which only runs the next pending step. Yes i want this to step through all the steps and inspect what is going on at each step.

  • a separate view that shows all my scheduled runs, and the planned upcoming runs . Side affect of this is that it helps me see that when and how my circleci.yml affects scheduled runs. (I don’t need you to answer when and how here in this thread because that’s not actually useful a year down the track when my co-workers don’t feel like looking through every one of your forum posts to understand)