Changes to the CircleCI Web App

Users will start to see the following changes in the CircleCI Web App on or after May 16, 2024:

  • Upon logging in or upon navigating directly to, users will see a “User Homepage” that shows the CircleCI organizations that they are a part of. This replaces the “Org Picker” that was previously shown upon login.

  • The left-hand navigation bar has refreshed coloring & style

  • There is a new navigation bar at the top of the CircleCI UI that can be clicked to return to the User Homepage

Comment here with any feedback or issues that you run into.

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Doesn’t show whether a organization is on github or bitbucket.

Hey! Is a dark mode planned with this UI refresh? It would be super nice, especially since for me CircleCI is the only platform I use frequently that doesn’t have one, and it’s pretty jarring switching there every time … Thanks!


Good call-out! This should still be visible from the left-hand nav’s drop down that shows the orgs. Are you thinking that you’d like to see it on the other user home page as well?

@ls-samer-abuthaher Dark mode is still something that is on the roadmap, no timeline to share at the moment unfortunately. You can follow this post on our ideas forum for any updates: Dark Mode | Feature Requests | CircleCI Ideas