circleCI manual approval on build

I have a question specific to manual approval of the build, we have following workflow in circleCI config. Users manually need to approve “approve_qa” in order to proceed with the “deploy_qa” job.

version: 2
- build:
context: org-global
- approve_qa:
type: approval
- build
- deploy_qa:
context: org-global
- approve_qa

ISSUE: Here “All Members” group associated with the “org-global” context but QA team still not able to build proceed further. Are there any other things need to be validated?

Hello @gangadhar - Welcome to the CircleCI community! Manual Approval is not dependent upon context groups. Any organization member who has permissions to the repository has the authorization to click “Approve”.


If you are still encountering an issue, please do go ahead and submit a support ticket here:

Thanks @JonathanC503, write permission are missing for the user account on github.

@gangadhar Ah yes, without write permissions, the Approve button will not work for the user.