CircleCI failing with node-10.11-browsers

Howdy folks,

Over the past few days we have been having a nightmarish time trying to figure out what has happened within our build. It all started with the apt-get update failing, but has now morphed into an additional error that we can’t get through. Here is the current error, and I’m at a loss for how to get by it.

      throw new Error(`Status ${response.statusCode}`);

Error: Status 403
at /home/circleci/project/node_modules/gatsby-plugin-sharp/node_modules/sharp/install/libvips.js:81:17
at f (/home/circleci/project/node_modules/once/once.js:25:25)
at ClientRequest.protocol.request.res (/home/circleci/project/node_modules/gatsby-plugin-sharp/node_modules/simple-get/index.js:63:5)
at Object.onceWrapper (events.js:273:13)
at ClientRequest.emit (events.js:182:13)
at HTTPParser.parserOnIncomingClient [as onIncoming] (_http_client.js:555:21)
at HTTPParser.parserOnHeadersComplete (_http_common.js:109:17)
at TLSSocket.socketOnData (_http_client.js:441:20)
at TLSSocket.emit (events.js:182:13)
at addChunk (_stream_readable.js:283:12)
make: Entering directory '/home/circleci/project/node_modules/gatsby-plugin-sharp/node_modules/sharp/build'
  TOUCH Release/
  CXX(target) Release/
../src/ fatal error: vips/vips8: No such file or directory
 #include <vips/vips8>
compilation terminated. recipe for target 'Release/' failed

Any idea on what could be causing this? FWIW, this just started appearing.

HI i just experience this too, basically the sharp library is trying to download a binary from github, which is returning a 403 now, this doesn’t occur for me, maybe there are too many unauthenticated requests for this file coming from circleci, Im not sure. Anyway when this fails, sharp tries to build this binary but a library is missing and that’s why u see the error above.

In the sharp documentation, i’ve noticed that the download location can overridden using the SHARP_DIST_BASE_URL env var.

So i searched github, and found an example (

Following that example fixed it for me

Please note, i’ve got no idea who is maintaining that s3 bucket, so i’d suggest finding a more official source or creating your own.

What command are you issuing to produce this error, @thatsdack? If it is npm install or similar, please add your package config file.

Hi Jonathon. Sorry for the delay is responding. We believe this was caused by some silent rate limiting on GitHub, but we can’t confirm. Are you still seeing this?