CircleCI Dockerfile source vs Docker Hub image

Context: I’m kind-of new here, and I’m testing CircleCI and the images.

My question is: When we use circle-ci images, where can we see the source code for the docker files? The observations I make from the container and the source code I see on Github are different.

My observations are that I run the circleci/node:8.11.3-browsers image on my local machine. My unit tests were working well until the new Chrome was released (16/17 Oct) and CircleCI updated their image (around 20 Oct). When spinning up a new container, my chromedriver is now using the latest version, which requiring Chrome >=69, but the installed Chrome version is still Chrome 68.

From the source code that I assume is used for the docker hub image ( shows that the latest stable Chrome should be downloaded.

When I manually run the CURL command as given in the source code to install the stable version of Chrome, Chrome 70 is installed.

Is the source code and the image deployed on Bitbucket different? Am I misunderstanding a concept perhaps?

I would concur that the Dockerfile you mention is the one that should be automatically built and pushed to Docker Hub for you.

A couple of thoughts:

  • Download the Dockerfile in question and build it locally, shell in, and see what versions of things you do get
  • If you are just wanting to get going again, rather than using the latest-and-greatest, you can lock to a specific image hash until you are ready to upgrade again. Dig into your last passing build, and grab the hash from the first step. You can use this in your image, e.g. docker@sha256:5e74b427a55b7e257c7f9ebba1f7765fe13ea4535debec33a9ea08a69296b2bd.

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