CircleCI CLI Config Process is writing it's own code for a version 2.1

My .circleci/config.yml file uses version 2.1

My circleci CLI version is latest up-to-date 0.1.5314+26252a9

circleci CLI is still not supporting version 2.1. Therefore, I go by the

circleci config process .circleci/config.yml > .circleci/process.yml

So, I have this line in the run-command of a build-job step in the .circleci/config.yml -

sed -i "s/versionCode=*.*/versionCode=$((`date +%s` - 999999))/"

After running the circleci config process above, this line is changed to the following in the .circleci/process.yml-

sed -i "s/versionCode=*.*/versionCode=$((`date +%!s(MISSING)` - 999999))/"

Can somebody spot the difference, and suggest why circleci CLI which was only supposed to rearrange version 2.1 elements to version 2.0 elements based of the ‘config process’ commands is also editing my run-commands?

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This seems like a bug in the CLI, but I am curious on specifically what you are trying to do here. Can you help me understand why you are running the config process command?

CLI does not yet support workflows and executors, the version 2.1 features of the circleci cloud. Hence the ‘config process’ to execute and validate certain parts of the build steps locally.

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