CircleCI broken -- using unknown key to checkout forked repos

CircleCI has spontaneously stopped being able to build my repos. I have a main repo, and forked repos in the same organization. The owner of each forked repo has set up CircleCI correctly, so that builds for PRs against the main repo were being run.

Now, PR builds are failing, because CircleCI is trying to use a key that it has not added to the main account:

"Checkout using CircleCI fork PR checkout user key: "

I’ve not changed any config on my end, so seems possible that this is a bug in CircleCI. I’ve tried removing and re-adding the repos in question, no luck.

I have a very similar problem–a couple days ago Circle started spontaneously building PRs from forks (which is not enabled in our project settings) using an unknown checkout key.

In more detail, I have forked builds disabled too. I’m only building forked projects where the owner has individually set up CircleCI under their own account (i.e. set CircleCI to build the forked repo).

These are getting built (and can be viewed) under the organization’s CircleCI account.

Note that this seems to have resolved itself. Somewhat disappointing that nobody from Circle chimed in to acknowledge what was apparently an issue on their end.

I managed to set up a Gitlab CI pipeline in about 30 mins after I gave up debugging this problem, and I’d encourage anyone else who’s having this sort of issue to try that as a backup option; it’s also free for commercial projects.