CircleCI blog - tag links all show same post

(Slightly OT but this is the most relevant category I could find.)

Tag links on the blog are broken: If I go to the CircleCI blog and then click one of the tag links (e.g. Integrations | News | Events etc) for every tag I’m only shown one post (always the same post): ‘CircleCI Docs Are Now Open-Sourced!’

Screenshot of this behaviour:

Thanks for letting us know. Im gonna move this to bug reports. We should find (or maybe create) a category for issues related to our blog, docs, marketing site, and main app I think. @FelicianoTech what do you think?

cc @KunalJain regarding the broken links.

I think docs has a great place for issues right here: :slight_smile:

I think a category for issues/bugs and then sub categories for the blog, app, and marketing site would be good.

This appears to be fixed now.