CircleCI at Civo Navigate Europe 2023

Hi folks, I will be speaking at the Civo Navigate conference in London on 5-6 September, an event put together by our friends at Civo!
If you are attending, please say hi and grab a CircleCI sticker!

My talk details:

High-performing Engineering Teams and the Holy Grail

High-performing engineering teams" are the Holy Grail for every CTO. But what are they, are they attainable, and if so, how? In this talk we’ll look at CI/CD data from over 15mil anonymous workflows, and compare against the last few years on the CircleCI platform, and explore this rare specimen in its native habitat - right there in your organization, and how to activate them using some better DevOps practices. We’ll also explore some of the benchmarks for CI/CD success, including the role of a Platform Team for your business!

Event website: