Circleci-agent step halt not working?

I’ve got an orb that tries to conditionally call circleci-agent step halt to exit the current step/job, but it seems that it’s being ignored, as the script just continues to execute. We’ve had to go in and add exit 0 after the halt command, and that seems to work properly.

Is circleci-agent step halt even still supported, or is it just broken, or am I just using it wrong?

Here’s the orb that uses it: Orb Source – see line 128

And here’s an example of a job that behaved incorrectly, using the above orb: failed step
Note that in the output, it properly echoed “Ignoring build for dubot compatibility – no image will be pushed to ST”, but then instead of exiting, execution has continued to the part at the end where it echos “tagging image st-enterprise-manager…”