Check if step ran from different job

I have a conditional halt in one step of one of my CircleCI jobs.

circleci-agent step halt

In another job I would like to check if all of the steps in that job were run or if the halt was executed. Is that possible? To give more information the job is run multiple times with different parameters and names. I would like to use a wild card to check if the halt was used in any of the jobs, matching a specific pattern.

The scripting system for CircleCI has very limited functionality for retaining state and/or querying any state information that you do retain, even within a single script, let alone across the execution of many different scripts. There are a number of ways to store artefacts between jobs, but those don’t really help in your situation.

The first thing worth doing is to look at all the available ORBs to see if anyone has coded something that can handle the task you are trying to perform. Otherwise, you may need to create your own and a good place to do this may be with command statements where you can use the functionality of the command line processor, rather than CircleCI scripting.

As a basic example, I’m currently coding a solution for my needs that allows the updating of secrets held in the third party Doppler service from within a CircleCI script using a curl command. Due to features found in Doppler this value then becomes available to other CircleCI scripts via the pushing of environment variables values from Doppler to CircleCI which I can then check.