Circle 2.0 upgrade - is it even worth it?

I understand circle 2.0 is supposed to be the new shinyness, but it just feels like we’re being prematurely forced into a worse product. Note, we are using builds on OSX.

  • mostly annoying changes to the configuration file
  • less configurations now seem to be supported, with much more ‘manual’ configurations required (caching, etc)
  • our tests now mysteriously run much slower

Frankly, just some honest feedback is that it seems circle has taken a large step backwards with the internal infrastructure rewrite, and now you’re forcing us to upgrade to a worse experience. Instead, I’d expect to be given a choice to upgrade once, iunno, there was any incentive to?

I liked the original circle, where there were many default configurations that i could just tap into, and get started, and didn’t have to worry about configuring every little thing, but those days might be gone.


From a product development perspective, any product owner will not want to support an earlier version indefinitely. There seems to have been a fair lead time to deprecation. I didn’t ever use 1.0, but 2.0 seems great to me.

One of my experiences of CI is that it is not a trivial thing to undertake. The likes of Circle and GitLab are making it easier than, say, hosting Jenkins oneself, but it is never likely to become “easy”. If your tests have become slower, then you have an engineering problem that needs solving. It’s annoying, perhaps, but a positive frame of mind will take you a long way - I’ve seen people give up with things just because they saw a half-empty glass.

If you have specific and actionable feedback, take a look at the ideas page. There’s plenty of stuff over there already.

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Short answer here…

Workflows and the Docker capabilities have been difference makers for us. The 2.0 file format is also more flexible and readable.

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