Cimg/php Mismatched Tags Issue

There are several cimg/php tags/releases that contain the wrong version of PHP. The affected images are from before November 2021. In each case, the contained PHP version is one patch version ahead or behind. For example, the image cimg/php:7.2.25 actually contains PHP v7.2.24. Related to this problem, we recently changed how we build PHP images.

To fix the images/tags for these older releases, it would require an image rebuild which would switch the image to our new system and likely be a breaking change for many users. Since these PHP releases are older, with 80% already being EOL’d by PHP proper, we’re currently not going to rebuild them. If you use a released PHP image that was published before November, your patch version might be off by one. The suggested workaround is to switch to a supported version of PHP which are newer and correct.

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