[ci skip] does not work for tag message? (eg. git tag v1.2.3 -m "[ci skip]")

I wanted to use [ci skip] in my tag message when I untag and retag with the same tag name in my workflow, but it did not work. My job still gets triggered.

Git command :

git tag v1.2.3 -m “[ci skip]”

My config :

  version: 2
    - tag-test:
            only: /^v.*/

After someone else tags the code, I wanted to make a release related modification and then finally untag and retag the code with my commit. I was hoping to be able to use same tag name to keep the tag lists clean.

Ah, I believe filtering at the job level has been the subject of bug reports of late. Try moving your filters to a workflow (even if that is the only purpose of the workflow).

That said, I don’t know if skip messages area meant to work on tags - maybe they only work on commits?

Thank you, halfer. I updated my workflow config above. Filtering is done at the workflow level. It would be very helpful if [ci skip] worked on tags also.

Could you just use two kinds of tags, to differentiate between the CI and skip commits? If you wish to delete the skip-tags, you can do so in the future, since they are not (I think) part of the immutable sequence of Git operations.

If workflows don’t offer this, then I’d suggest creating a feature request on the ideas board. It sounds like a good idea.

Yes. With two tag names, I can use a tag filter to skip jobs when I want to.

Thank you.

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