Checkout SSH-Keys returns a 404

I’m trying to build a project that depends upon some private git repos. When I went to add the
ssh keys to circle I was greeted with a 404 at this endpoint:{user}/{project}/checkout-key is returning a 404.

All of our forked builds are breaking because we can’t add the required keys.

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Also having this issue, Same project, different private repo to @allanhortle

To reproduce

Project Settings -> Checkout SSH keys ( watch it fail )

Hi guys. Thanks for letting us know. I’ll see to it that someone looks into this to see what’s going on.

Everything should be good now. Let us know if otherwise.

Thank you.

Looks good now,

Thanks @FelicianoTech

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not sure with this, but I think the problem occurs again, this bug report might relate to this

I am facing this issue now with my repository!

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