Cannot add deploy key

There’s an error when I click on “Add Deploy Key” button. See image below:


+1 are you going to fix this? Or is there another way to recreate a deploy key?

plus, since it could be deleted so easily and cannot be recreated, wouldn’t it be nice to ask something like “Do you really want to delete the deploy key?”

They are not gonna fix it. The worst support ever

Seems @rafaelsales might be correct, this bug is still occurring. It seems circle is attempting to call a URL that does not exist in the Github API.

It’s quite surprising that the settings user interface has been broken, and I assume also the API for such a long time without any action.

As per @melekes question is there a workaround or is the solution to delete and recreate the project, and can this even be done? This this ticket suggests we can’t.

Just noticed this is the similar issue again as a this ticket that I was having last year.

Hi there,

I just checked this behavior on one of my own repos and was able to delete and re-generate a deploy key. It’s likely the “not found” you’re seeing is a permissions issue. The first thing I would check is that your CircleCI/Github user has admin permissions on Github for this project. If you’re still having this issue, please let us know.


Hey @Eric,

That solved the issue.

Thanks Heaps.

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