Cd command ignored in test section

The instructions are as follows:

# Build litecoin
- cd litecoin_scrypt
- sudo python install
- cd ..

Yet the error it throws tells me it’s trying to run python <project_root>/, instead of <project_root>/litecoin_scrypt/

Is this a bug, or am I overlooking something silly?


So after trying several combos, it seems that circle just won’t handle a cd command.

No error, just flat out silently ignores it. This doesn’t seem like this is correct :confused:

We run every command in a separate subshell, so cd command, if specified separately, does not have any effect on the next commands. You could either chain cd and the following command:

- cd litecoin_scrypt && sudo python install

or use the pwd modifier:

- sudo python install: # note the colon here
    pwd: litecoin_scrypt

That is nifty, and very good to know. Thank you, that fixed it.

This definitely should be highlighted more clearly.

Each command is run in a separate shell, which means they do not share environments with preceding commands.


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