CCi build error says Module not found when it works at local

I have a MEAN project which is continously failing to get built and the error which comes up is:

ERROR in src/app/components/Order/Order.component.ts(9,28): error TS2307: Cannot find module 'rxjs/observable'.

Please help!

Hey there, Rahul, and welcome to Discuss!

Could you link a CircleCI job where you’re seeing this happen? It’ll be faster to troubleshoot if we’re looking at the same things that you’re seeing.

Please feel free to submit a ticket instead if that works better for you!

Hey. Thanks for the reply.
The problem got resolved. Turns out while importing circleci needs the case to be correct for the imported object.
Locally and at other deployment services the case sensitivity issue is not present.
I just had to change rxjs/observable to rxjs/Observable And it worked.