Angular material problems

My circleCI, builds the browser when I push my github. The reason for that, is to not push code which is missing some, symbol, tag etc, which my break the application

This is my config file.

version: 2

    # The build job
            - image: circleci/node:8.12.0-browsers
          - checkout
          - run: npm install
          - run: npm build
          - run: npm test

I use Material for my design, and that seems to be the reason for my build fail.
Do I need to add something to my config file to solve this issue?

I can’t tell, from your description, what your problem is. What is it about Material Design that makes you believe your build is failing?

Sorry wrong bug.
This is my bug

 ERROR in ./src/app/create-competition/create-competition.module.ts
Module not found: Error: Can't resolve 'rxjs/add/operator/map' in '/home/circleci/project/src/app/create-competition'
 @ ./src/app/create-competition/create-competition.module.ts 11:0-31
 @ ./src/app/create-competition/create-competition.module.spec.ts
 @ ./src sync \.spec\.ts$
 @ ./src/test.ts

OK. See if you can get the problem to show on a dev machine, and then fix it there. This looks like a JS/TS problem to me, not a CI issue.

If it already works on your machine, try cloning the project to a new folder and building it from scratch. I wonder if there are some uncommitted files on your local machine that need to be added and pushed?

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