Can't run more than one job with 2 paid + 1 free container

We have a total of 3 containers. 2 paid and 1 free container.

In one of the projects, we have 2 concurrent jobs which should run at the same time. (see the screenshots below).

Now, as you can see in queue.png, job #3307 is waiting for job #3306 (which is the style job as shown in the screenshot below). This should not be the case as we have 3 available containers.

This behavior started happening somewhere beginning this week. So, it was working all fine before.

The recent support article regarding this issue ( does not apply to us we as do have available containers.

I have verified this behavior today (on a Sunday, 6PM - no-one else is using our CircleCI environment right now).

Thanks Mujib. We are trying to figure out what is causing this.